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8th Annual John Neher Memorial BIG BUCK Contest/Lobster Feast 2010

2009 Contest & Previous Winners
20010 Entry Form
Sponsors & Notes
Beef & Beer/Lobster Feast2010


Lobster Feast
            When:  Sunday November 7, 2010
            Time:   1:00 pm -Till ?
            Where: Valley Forge Volunteer Fire Co.
                            630 Valley Park Rd.
                            Valley Forge,PA 19481
            How:   Beef & Beer and one free lobster to all
                          hunt entries for $30
                          Beef & beer and one free lobster to all
                          non hunters for $25
                            Please pre order additional lobsters
                                       on entry form below.

There will also be a Live Lobster auction ,we will auction off some very large 3 to 4 lb. Live Maine lobsters to the highest bidders.
These lobsters will be alive and will range from 1 1/2 lbs. up to 4lbs. Lobsters will be priced according to weight. 9$ and up .

For tickets to the Lobster feast,Please go to the 2010 entry form link below. There you will find a place to order the number of tickets you want and how many lobsters you would like to buy.

                                2010 Entry Form                   


Bring a friend!!!
Bring your family!!!!
Bring your appitite!!!!!!
Hope to see you there!!!


JN  Memorial Fund, 72 Longcross Road, Limerick, PA  19468